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10 real benefits from
reading my book:

1. Spark an infinite amount of quality ideas.
2. Helps you overcome creative blocks.
3. Improves your creative skills.
4. Makes you more confident for any project.
5. Makes you a pro at thinking in creative ways.
6. Helps you chill out and be creative.
7. Helps you make creativity a regular part of your day.
8. Helps you find hidden talents you didn’t know you had.
9. Helps you become a creative problem-solver.
10. Helps open creative doors you have left closed for a long time.

Creativity isn't limited to designers, artists, and those who colour in for a living—hell no. It's used all around us. It's problem-solving—using your knowledge, intuition, and originality to reach a desired outcome. So, that includes pretty much everyone, right? Got it. Great!


Creativity can seem scary to those who don't see themselves as creative. But it's a lot like riding a bike. The first time, it's hard. You fall a few times. After many attempts, something clicks inside you; before you know it, you're cycling.The fastest way to creativity is through action - taking one step at a time.This is why creative exercises are the best way to tap into your creativity.Think about it.You don't lose weight by reading about exercises or diets.No, you lose weight by taking action, by doing the work.It doesn't have to be a lot of work, either.Put aside 10 minutes daily to for my eBook, and you will be amazed at the results.The fact you are here reading this means you are one step closer to achieving creativity.

What’s inside?

Over 500 pages with actionable hands-on exercises.Exercises that hone foundational skills for creativity. Skills such as seeing, distorting, starting, questioning, morphing, connecting, reinventing, synthesizing, and inspiring.170+ visual examples with 11 printable PDF templates for practicing the exercises.

My eBook works on Amazon Kindle, iBooks (iPad and iPhone), Kindle app (iPad and iPhone), Kobo, & Nook. Basically it works on any eBook reader.

The Future Belongs to Creatives, not AI.

I've heard people say that AI will take over creative jobs?This is somewhat true.AI will take your job but ONLY if you lack creativity.Defined as"the ability to produce or use original and unusual ideas."If this is the case, AI is not creative because no idea it outputs is original. AI can think of new ideas, but only from the information fed by humans.AI can replicate Beethoven's music, but a genius like Beethoven will never be replaced by AI.Real creativity requires a human spirit. It requires a soul.Now, more than ever, creativity is the competitive tool that will make a difference in your life. Not only professional but also personal.This is why working on your creativity is more important NOW than ever.

Examples of things you will create yourself👇

plus another 162 simple, fast and easy creative boosting exercises...

Who should read this eBook?

This eBook is for anyone who has ever struggled with identifying as a creative. Those who believe they aren't creative for various reasons.It is for anyone who wants to tap into the creativity they were born with. Regardless of past experiences or beliefs we are all creative.Creativity is a superpower that can apply to all aspects of your life, so why wouldn't you want it?

About the author

David Delahunty

Unlike Ron Burgundy, I'm not the biggest fan of flexing...But I understand I have to do it to gain your trust and show some credibility.So here goes...🫡 First and foremost, I'm a creative who takes many chances. You could call me a Creative Chancer.🫂 I am also passionate about helping people find their creativity; I do this mostly on my personal Instagram @delahuntagram.😂 I'm the dude behind the largest design meme account, @designershumor; I also run a few more design accounts with over 2.5 Million followers.🤑 I've made shy of seven figures selling digital products (like this eBook) since leaving my big boy job 5 years ago.📅 I've been posting ideas daily for the last 3 years, with well over 4,000 ideas posted publicly on ideasgrab.com. It receives over 1M impressions annually.😻 Released 3 eBooks that reached #1 & #2 on Product Hunt.💌 Run an ideas newsletter with over 20,000 subscribersAnd the one I'm most proud of...I've done all of the above while being a full-time dad to my two beautiful children, AND did I mention I did it all of the above as a one-man creative chancer...

Life is short and wonderful... and if you want to do exciting things and make it worthwhile, then you owe it to yourself to go after creativity. I know it's what you want for yourself. It's what I wanted. It's what we all want.

Buy now and you will get my best-selling ebook "How To Become An Idea Machine" for free!!

"Enjoying the book! I read through it over again. I also flip to a random page and read through a bunch of pages of ideas. Great stuff."
- Sabine, Artist
"Instabuy! Excellent book, very refreshing and practical. This will be useful for a long time!"
- Ben, Entrepreneur
"I preordered and now have it and its AMAZING"
- Catherine Hicks, Marketer

100% not ai generated endorsements👇

Real talk...

Many times we hold ourselves back from reaching our full creative potential because of the negative thoughts we tell ourselves....A fear of
- Failure
- Inadequacy
- Feeling alone
- The unknown
- Negative feedback
- Wasting your time
- Imposter Syndrome
- The opinions of others
- Not enough time and resources
- Being too old to start or too young
- Stepping out of yout comfort zone
The list is endless. So, I'm not going to keep listing the shit holding you back. It's an infinite list.Now, you can continue letting these fears hold you back from reaching your true creative potential...Or, flip the bird to those fears, buy my eBook, and take the first step towards reaching your true creative potential.

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Why couldn’t the man afford expensive art? He had no Monet.Why did Van Gogh become a painter? Because he didn't have an ear for music.I used to do fine arts, until I decided I didn’t like the arts. Now I’m doing just fine.I failed my art exam using the wrong pencil. Guess it wasn’t 2b.I was going to joke about my broken pencil. But it was pointless.